mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

A day at Marlborough Mall

It's not so glamorous like "A day at the races", but it's impossible to live in North America and don't go to a mall. So, better soon than later.
I have been thinking about going to WalMart since few days and today I've decided to go after two interviews (I won't mention the recruitment agencies, wait and see).
Well, when I got off at Marlborough LRT Station I was really shocked!
I was at some big malls in the hinterland of Milan, but this one? I've never seen a mall that you can't literally seen when it ends.
It took me almost two hours to buy everything I needed in Dollarama, Shoppers Drug Mart and WalMart.
This last one deserves a special mention. I've heard of WalMart before from some friends of mine who went to USA, or I sometimes saw one of them in the movies. Being inside one of them is completely different.
It could sound stupid hearing that for North Americans, but there is nothing similar in Italy. The WalMart was so terrifically huge that I had almost a panick attack, being afraid to get lost inside that place.
I felt a similar sense of extraneousness every time I go to one of the skyscrapers of downtown. People really seem insects and I fear that sooner or later something should crumble.
By the way, in spite of my awful sense of direction, I've managed to come back home and now I can write you this not so intelligent stuff.
I salute you with this video from "Into the Wild" soundtrack.

Good night,


Ps: what's wrong with you? Why I have to go to Co-op or Safeway for fresh salads. Salads aren't just for rabbits. :)

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