lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Italians do it better

When someone says Italians do it better, one recalls immediately Madonna's quote and its true meaning: the Italian cuisine.
It's quite obvious that the meaning was another one, but I'm here to talk about pasta.
Every Italian male, if he doesn't want to become a romantic fat guy, learns how to cook some dishes.
Well, there's another quite important reason to learn cooking, for a male, and it's a date. Women, and I fancy even men, like to see the partner cooking. It's a very effective seduction strategy.
Thus, if either you want to impress someone or you like Italian food, I'm going to write down the receipe for the ragù alla bolognese.

Ingredients (for 4 people)
  • 320gr egg pasta (Tagliatelle are the best pick);
  • 80gr bacon;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 celery stick;
  • 40gr butter;
  • 80gr minced pork meat;
  • 80gr minced beef meat;
  • 400ml warmed consomme;
  • 100ml red wine;
  • 400gr tomato puree;
  • 1 tsp tomato concentrate;
  • 50gr parmigiano cheese;
  • salt and pepper.
Instructions (1hr time)
Chop bacon, carrot, onion and celery together; put the butter into a casserole let the chop vegetables wither for 15 minutes, be careful do not get them golden.
Add theminced meat and brown it, stiring on a high flame; then add 50ml of wine, let them reduce by an half and sprinkle with 100ml of consomme.
When all the liquid is dryied, add the remaining wine and  another 100ml of consomme along with the tomato concentrate.
Let the ragù (the sauce) reduce by another bit, then add another 100ml of consomme, the tomato puree and continue with the cooking till the sauce thickens.
Put salt, pepper and 100ml of consomme, cover the sauce with a lid and stire the sauce on a low flame.
Cook the pasta (tagliatelle), drain it, and put the parmigiano cheese.
Put the most part of the sauce in the pasta, mixed the, and the cover up the past with the remaing sauce.
The result sholud be similar (hopefully better)  of this one

Buon appetito!

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