lunedì 7 maggio 2012

First times

It seems that this time I have something to talk about, so let's talk about meetup.
I heard the word "meetup" actually just few days ago from D., an Italian gut who lives here in Calgary too.
For everyone among you who doesn't know about meetup, I'll make a long story short: they're group of people that meet due to interests in common. Those could be movies, musicals, the need to know new people in a new city, an insane passione for Chinese pots or whatever else.
My suggestion is: go to Meetup, search for a city and browse among the groups. You'll find for sure someone fits to you. You could enjoy a night at theatre - watching a hauntingly pleasant musical based on Mary Shelley's Frankestein - or The Avengers in a super cool 3D movie theatre.
Few pics shooted during the meetup weekend follow:

Talking about first times, I've to mention my first time as Italian language teacher. My roommate is so avid to learn Italian that I started explaining him a bit of conversation in the easiest way I know, the songs.
It was pretty funny because I decided to show him videos of Elio e Le storie Stese, a quite popular band in Italy well known for their mix of comedy and very good music.
Hope you enjoy and have fun with this video from theri performance at the Sanremo Musical Festival 1996 edition, when they scored the 2nd position.

Just a last comment: there are people from Russia reading my blog. It's cool, not such as a fez, but cool. I can start collecting nations like in Risk! :)
That's all, folks


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